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Commitment of Business

From the business side, EFG Holding has proven that sustainability is also about the commitment to generating revenues responsibly. One example is the commitment of our Private Equity team through Vortex Energy.

Vortex is a European renewable energy platform managed by EFG Holding Private Equity. The Private Equity team has built Vortex Energy from a newcomer in the renewable energy investment field into the largest renewable energy-focused investment managers in Europe. Vortex is directly invested in a 365 MW UK solar PV portfolio with plans to invest in further projects across North America, Europe, and Latin America as it seeks to bolster the renewable energy sector in these regions.

EFG Holding Private Equity entered into an exclusive partnership with GEMS Education, one of the world’s leading providers of Private English-language education for students from kindergarten to twelfth grade (K-12), to jointly establish a new platform focused on Egypt’s K-12 education sector. With 20 million enrolled students and a highly underserved education sector, Egypt offers significant opportunities for creating value in education.

On a different front, EFG Corp-Solutions (Formerly EFG Hermes Leasing) launched a dedicated program to target partnerships that facilitate SME financing solutions and saw the contribution of SMEs in its portfolio. The programme encompasses a collaborative agreement between EFG Hermes Leasing and HSBC Bank Egypt to help SMEs access in leasing and financing services. In addition to agreements with the Egyptian Arab Land Bank and Ahli Bank of Kuwait to finance SMEs with subsidized interest rates, and a specialized agreement with the Saudi Development Fund signed to finance renewables and health care with a portion of the fund directed to finance SMEs in different governorates.

EFG Corp-Solutions (Formerly EFG Hermes Leasing) launched Egypt’s first alternative energy lease finance solution with KarmSolar, Egypt’s largest private off-grid solar energy integrator. The partner programme is the first of its kind in Egypt, and aims to create a sustainable solar energy financing solution for businesses while addressing the country’s growing demand for alternative energy solutions.

EFG Holding’s finance arm is committed to providing stakeholders a path out of poverty. Tanmeyah’s guiding principle is reflected in its community outreach policies. In addition to providing financing for its clients, Tanmeyah offers them guidance, training, and advice on how to achieve their goals.